As an artist and as far as I can remember I always fascinated about texture. And as I grow older my knowledge about nature has expanded. I fully understand about our universe and our planet earth more, especially nature like trees, plants, leaves and flowers. What I like about leaves is their textures and colors. I love their stories and function to the plants and trees. I love their shapes and most of all I love their venations. Their intricate venations and their structure is what I try to paint. It is very difficult to paint the small veinlets but I am learning and I am trying to understand their forms.

Finding leaf perfect to paint is another fun task. I often find them from walking in botanical garden. I search and looked carefully on the ground for the perfect leaf to paint. I particularly look for interesting and pretty shape, texture and colors. The decaying part plays an important role in my art. This part will be a part of beauty of my art. I know some people may not appreciate a decaying leaf, but I can see the large scale art of that particular leaf hanging in people’s wall home. I can picture the art being connected to the owner and blend with the room interior decor. I wanted it to be an art as well as a simple gesture of appreciation to nature.

The process is long. Once I pick the leaf then I transform them into a drawing by photograph them professionally. To capture the details is my number one goal in this process. I then transfer them into the computer to be cleaned and enhanced and blow it out in scale. Out of the computer then I draw them. And the final process is transfer them on to the watercolor paper.

The painting process is another long fun task. Patience is the number one priority you must have. I must admit there is no a secret ingredients to paint these leaves. A part from knowing the “basic technique of how to paint with watercolor and practices” I just work very hard to capture the original look of the leaf. Because it was painting with extra careful - sometimes the complete art may take almost one month.