It was the end of 2017 - I had a vivid dream and imagination about "leaf painting" big and bold. I already painted hundreds of loose florals as shown on my Instagram feed. But I felt it did not develop into something like I really wanted it to be. So when I had this epiphany about leaves art, immediately and in my mind I am seeing a huge leaf  profile painting. By January 2018 my first big painted leaf was created. And now I am working on leaf no. 6.

I am particularly interested in decaying leaves. When leaf starting to loose it's chlorophyll - it shows it charms and beauty. It started to change colors to sometimes pink, orange, mostly brown with  tear, specks and small holes that creates beautiful rich texture and colors. I truly enjoy painting this particular process of  leaf  life as shown on my finished painting.

The painting process is long. Since leaf tent to be small - in order to capture their details I need to enlarge the scale of the leaf. I do this by combining my drawing, photography and computer skill. Sometimes I cropped the leaf - other times showing a full size of the leaf.  

I collected leaves during a visit to botanical gardens. Since I like dried and decayed leaf,  usually I pick them laying on the ground. Occasionally I receive leaves from my Instagram artist friend by mail and from a broad.  

People seem to overlook "leaves" since leaves appearance are mostly simple and green in color. But when you look closer deep inside - their intricate complicated veins are beautiful and quite stunning. 

Painting leaves is a symbol for me to express a deep appreciation of nature. Nature has given us human so much to help us live on our planet earth. I wanted to show the beauty of  a simple small leaf  by painting them in a large size and with its details.

My mission is that I would like to create a book featuring my painted leaves from all over the world.  Since I paint out of a real leaf, the task of collecting leaves from all over the world would take a long time and nearly impossible to do.  So right now I am focusing on painting leaves from USA and from a broad mailed or given by family and friends.