FAQs About Purchasing the Art.

  1. What paper do you use? I use artist grade A1 size paper. Usually cold press 140 or 300 lb Arches brand or Lanaquarelle. Lately I only use cold press 300 lb Arches watercolor paper. And planning on using only this type of watercolor for future projects.

    2. How do I know of the quality of the art that I am purchasing? All of the products have a detailed description of the paper and watercolor that were used. The synopsis page contains further detail of the inspiration and process behind my original pieces. Feel free to contact me and ask as many questions you may have. I can answer your questions within 24 hours.

    3. Can you send me a sample of the paper you use? Yes. If you are seriously interested in purchasing the art; I will send you a piece of giclee or original watercolor paper sample for order more than USD 75.00 I used for that particular art.

4. What brand of paint do you use? Mostly I use Schmincke, occasionally I use artist grade White Night and artist grade Lukas Farben

5.  What is the shipping cost? Regular shipping and handling is already calculated in the price of the art.

6. How do you pack the art for shipping? I wrap the art with transparent paper and protect it using a foam boards and package it with a plastic sheet to keep water out.

7. How long until my art arrives? I do not keep stock of the prints so it may take 9 to 12 days to arrive within the US.

8. Do you insure ? Yes, I include insurance for original art and prints that cost above USD 50.00

9. Do you ship outside the US? Yes, but I do not have the shipping cost listed so we may have to talk about this separately.

10. Do you accept returns? Yes, for giclee prints - in the same condition as purchased. I only accept returns two days after arrival, and I do not cover return shipping costs. Please contact me if you wish to return an item. My email address is on the “Contact Me” tab.

11.Do you provide shipment tracking? Yes, as soon as the order is shipped, I will send you the tracking number via email.

12. How do I make purchases on Ellya Arte website? Go to the “Shop” tab and select the type of art you wish to purchase“leaves or floral”. For example, if you choose “leaves” first you select “Art” ; click “Original “ or “Giclee”. Then you select the “Size”, select the size you want to purchase. The last, under “Shipping” click “Free”. Then your shopping cart button will appear on the right top corner. Without selecting all of these three, you can’t check out. The price will appear at the very top near the title for that particular art.

13. How about if I wanted to purchase an art with particular size that does not listed in the size list ? You can contact me and we can discuss about this. It can be done. Remember, the original art size is listed at the very top of the size list.

14. What is ”giclee” print? Giclee print is printed on archival paper. It is acid-free and lasts a long time. The paper is made of cotton pulp i.e. archival grade. More about Giclee paper here. And all giclee prints will be printed on archival papers with similar texture to a watercolor paper.

15. What is the difference between “digital print” and “giclee print”? Anybody can print a digital print with a printer machine at home. This type of print won’t last long. Because it’s not archival. After a month a noticeable damage may occur because of sun and humidity. Giclee print is archival paper. Giclee print uses 8 to 12 colors and printed on a large professional printer. The image scanned with standard 300 dpi or higher resolution.

16. Why don’t you offer a digital print? I want my customer to own a high quality fine reproduction of my art that last a long time. Giclee prints seems to be the right alternative for my customer who do not wish to purchase original art.

17. When can I contact you? You can contact me any time. Just click the “Contact” tab and send the email form. I will answer your question within 24 hours.

FAQs about Ellya Arte Classes

  1. Where will my class or workshop meet? The class will be conducted in my house in Roslyn/Albertson Long Island New York. It is a bright quiet space and perfect for the class. There will not be any pet or children in the house but myself. Please go to the “About” tab and scroll down to see a video clip about the classroom.

  2. Is there a parking space? Yes, there will be plenty of parking space for several cars.

  3. Are the material included in the price? Yes. I will provide basic material such as brushes, paper, and paints. But you can bring your own if you wish.

  4. Can I cancel after I purchased the class? Yes. Cancellation and refund can be made within 48 hours.

  5. Can anybody take these classes? Yes, of course. First, you will learn the basic like blending, and mixing, then you will right away paint flowers or leaves. If you have a strong desire to learn watercolor - over time and through practices you will know how to paint with watercolor.

  6. How do I set up the date for the class? After purchasing or even before purchasing you can discuss this with me over email. Just email me on the “Contact Me” tab.

  7. How about if I interested in joining a group class but I am the only person who purchased and interested in that particular class? I will create an announcement on my Instagram and in Facebook to see if there are other people or persons who might be interested in joining the class. Or you could ask around if your friends or family would like to join since this is a fun class to be in a group of people you are familiar with. Your other option would be to join the private class. Although the cost is higher, you will get one on one session and more hours to learn at your own pace.

  8. Can I contact you and ask questions about the workshop? You can contact me anytime. I will answer your questions within 24 hours.

  9. How do I purchase one of the classes? First, choose which class you want to participate. If it is a private class, under Private select private then click “per person" then click “1” under “quantity”. Further procedd click “check Out”. If you are going to join the group class, under “Group of 3 People”, click “select group for 3 people” then click “Per person/min 3 people” further click “1” under “Quantity” then “add to cart”. Your cart will show that you purchased 1 item on the right upper corner. Then just proceed by clicking the black button.