Ellya Brill

Ellya is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. It was there, at a friend's home in 1995, where she began to paint. When her friend was hosting a social gathering and teach art, Ellya took initiative to come and learn from her. Since then Ellya thought herself how to paint.

In 1997, Ellya enrolled in Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Fabric Styling.

After graduating, Ellya worked as textile artist in Manhattan, New York. She worked to design prints and create repeat designs. She also worked as an assistant stylist for the Victoria Secret Lounge Department.

After a year, Ellya decided to resign to work from home as an artist.

Ellya loves exploring the use of different mediums like acrylic, pencil, ink and paper collage. In the past she has created an abstract contemporary art because she feels it creates a mood, which made this her favorite art form at the time.

Then she discovered watercolor with florals, fashion, architecture as prefered subjects.. For a while, Ellya had trouble choosing her preferred style of watercoloring.  She was torn between "a realist and a loose style," so she decided to combine them. 

As her art evolved and her skill improved she decided to paint flowers and leaves botanical style. The life cycle of leaves are her inspirations showing young fresh leaves to old decaying one. Finally Ellya has found a subject that she truly passion about. Her fascination about leaves and nature is what Ellya tried to capture in her painting especially the texture and colors of a dying leaves. Occasionally Ellya can be found in a park or woods photographing leaves.

It is her goal that one day she will create a book about her leaves art collected from around the world.

Ellya loves teaching and sharing her knowledge about the arts with others.

When she is not painting, Ellya can be found in the kitchen cooking or baking. She is a professional photographer and loves playing classical piano.

Ellya lives in Long Island, New York with her husband, Steven, and her son, Buck.


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